ZA ZA ZU Feather Handcuffs

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How would you describe the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love? Carrie Bradshaw called it ZA ZA ZU in Sex and the City. Come play with these soft handcuffs and experience that ZA ZA ZU.

Za Za Zu invites you into a game of contrasts: feel the softness of feathers, and offer a change of cold metal chain.

Content: feather handcuffs.


Did you know that…

  • Tied-up feeling makes you feel an adrenaline rush. This is the reason so many of us love bondage games – adrenaline increases sexual tension and releases alpha waves that help you enter an almost hypnotic state.
  • Za Za Zu is the perfect way to try out bondage games? It’s the perfect instrument to invite your lover into a sophisticated and delicate play date.
  • Bondage is one of the most popular sexual fantasies and is easy to carry out. The practice of bondage allows lovers to relax and engage in some role-playing, allowing them to indulge in their fantasies in an enjoyable way.
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