BIJOUX INDISCRETS · MAZE Suspenders Garters, Black

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Lingerie is taking over the streets. The line between public and private gets blurry with this suspender belt. It’s designed to wear with lingerie, but also so you can show off its straps with ripped jeans and a crop top.

  • How?: Adjust the belt’s straps to fit your waist and alter the length of the vertical strap so that it hooks on to your underwear. Alter the length of the other straps that go on your legs; when you reach the desired length, hook the top part onto your underwear and the lower part to your stockings.
  • Measurements: Waist 81 cm maximum (31.89 inches), 60 cm minimum (23.62 inches).
  • Color: Black

There is no good reason why eroticism should be limited to special occasions. The MAZE design wants eroticism to be part of women’s day-to-day lives.

Maze is the most daring collection from Bijoux Discrets, inspired by classic bondage. MAZE invites all women to blend eroticism into their day-to-day lives, as it is designed to be worn with the boldest outfits, the sexiest lingerie, or on bare skin.

This collection embodies the brands’ commitment to the environment and animal welfare. All straps are 100% vegan, made from polyurethane, an alternative, innovative material that doesn’t compromise style or quality. In 2017, the collection was given VEGAN APPROVED status by the world’s largest animal rights organization PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Designer and co-founder of Bijoux Indiscrets, Elsa Viegas, dedicates her collection to self-confident women. Her designs seek to blend eroticism into day-to-day life, as she says: ‘Being sexy is an attitude!

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Dimensions 60 × 175 × 175 cm


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