We want to introduce you an exciting partner of ours. They are sexy, fresh, and with a great purpose – to rase sexual awareness and skills, and all this through pure pleasure.

See if this might interest you, because we believe that these skill will make you better lover and will only benefit you. And we have a surprise for you too – we can offer you a 50% sale in their school! 💥

What to they do?

There are 3 levels to an intimate relationship: sexual, emotional, and intellectual.

Too few of us realize that the sexual level is the foundation of the whole relationship, and the other two levels are the ones that are built on top of that. It’s no exaggeration to say that sexuality is a key aspect that holds the relationship with your love-partner all together. It creates a deeper connection of love, giving, and sharing between the couples.

Remember the saying “Make Love not War“! Well, that’s the motto Pleasurespot follows. Why fight with Your partner, if instead, You can give each other pleasure.

Online massage courses

Pleasurepot is an educational massage school for adults, and they aim to help couples to grow the intimacy of their relationship and enhance the sexual wellbeing overall. Their comprehensive video courses will cover body awakening massages and also more sensual massages for both men and women.

School is created mostly for couples, but singles can benefit so much from those courses too! It’s for all of us who want to become better lovers and partners. Take a look:

Sensual Tantra massage for women
Sensual Massage for Her
Sensual Tantra massage for men
Sensual Massage fo Him
Pleasurespot: Taoist breast massage
The Taoist Breast Massage
Pleasurespot: Full body massage
Full Body Awakening Massage

Sounds interesting? We thought you’d like it!

As love promoters and with a similar mission of ourselves, we are happy to spread the word and to raise knowledge and awareness of sexuality, physical pleasures, and the positive effects of sensual massage.

That is why we are happy to share an offer with you – with every order over 100€ we’ll share a -50% discount code for 6-month all access to Pleasurespot!

So join the school, start practicing and we promise that this investment will pay off.